Accent Reduction - Career Advancement

You can learn to communicate more effectively, speak English with correct pronunciation and develop your vocabulary and language skills.

Ideal for those who work on the telephones, work with the public or who want to improve their foreign accent and communications skills. Our programs especially benefit those in the medical and teaching fields. We also offer corporate programs tailored to your employees' needs.

You can advance quickly with our professional, private tutoring, personal attention and practice. We offer flexible scheduling, in addition to individual or group tutoring.


We specialize in programs for:  
Accent reduction through better pronunciation
Language development
Vocabulary development
Improved public speaking

After training our clients report:  
Increased confidence
More positive attitude
Less fear in communicating with others
Stronger relationships with others
Improved chance of job promotion
We also provide reading tutoring by a reading specialist.

Located in Cape Coral, FL, nine miles from Fort Myers, on the Gulf of Mexico.

Who We Are

speech therapistCorinne Mazzocchi Rinaldi is an educator with strong leadership qualities in both academic and community settings. She began her career as an Elementary School teacher more than fifty years ago and currently works with American English Pronunciation for foreign-born students..with a focus on Asian clients.

Ms. Rinaldi is a Speech Language Pathologist and has had her own practice in Cliffside Park and Ramsey, NJ. She has worked with neurologically impaired and handicapped children, adults with Aphasia, as well as  foreign-born adults looking to improve their language and vocabulary skills.  Ms. Rinaldi understands the frustration of trying to communicate and is sensitive to the embarrassment of not understanding.

Ms. Rinaldi is a lifetime member of the National Education Association, New Jersey State Education Association, and the Bergen County Education Association. Some accomplishments include serving as an officer on Westwood and Ridgefield Teacher’s Education Associations. She also served as president of the Wall Township Teachers’ Education Association. Ms. Rinaldi was an officer on the Wall Township and Ridgefield School District’s Parent Teacher Associations and became the teacher liaison to the Superintendent and Chief Salary Negotiator for those towns. She has been active on various nominating, social and fundraising committees for Westwood and Wall Township Regional School Districts.


We are proud to offer the following services to assist those looking to improve their communication skills. Your instruction will be personally tailored to meet your individual needs. Breathing therapy is incorporated in most areas of training.

Accent Reduction
- We concentrate on the articulation and pronunciation of standard American English sounds.
- We focus on individual sound needs.
Through expert analysis of vowels, consonants, intonation and rate patterns, we are able to individualize needs and plan a training program just for you. Assignments are customized and include text, audio tapes, and personal contact between foreign accent modification meetings.

This area of development includes:
- Etiology
- Symptomology
- Diagnosis
- Progaosis
Our focus in training includes voice, projection, rate, and breathing skills. We will conduct ongoing evaluation of your progress and revise your goals as necessary.

- Delays
- Disorder
- Phonology
- Auditory Processing
- Aphasia
A particular expertise in this area is vocabulary development at the beginning level with foreign-born adults as well as children. Individual assessment dictates program needs.

Oral Presentation/Public Speaking skills training

Reading Tutoring
Reading fluency and comprehension.
Instruction of all levels, from preschool/primary level and up, is given by trained remedial reading instructors. By appointment only.

Corporate Training Workshops
Customized program to assist your employees who may have difficulty with English. Training will be focused on improving communication necessary in your specific industry.  Program will be scheduled based on convenience for your employees.

Autism and Language Development

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help improve your communication skills. Call (239) 542-3475 or e-mail

Evaluation Process


You will be given a thorough evaluation that includes auditory, physical and verbal assessments. The results will be used to build a development plan and personalize a program right for your needs.


Contact Us

Please ask your employer if they cover speech development sessions.

Corinne M. Rinaldi, Speech and Language Pathologist
3943 S.E. 11th Place
The Osprey 204
Cape Coral, FL 33904
Phone: 239-542-3475

Flexible scheduling, one-on-one, or small group sessions available.


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Corinne M. Rinaldi, Speech and Language Pathologist
3943 S.E. 11th Place
The Osprey 204
Cape Coral, FL 33904
Phone: 239-542-3475